5 Reasons

This is a weird week. The week between Christmas and New Years. Nobody knows what day it is or even what time it is. This has been even worse for me since I spent most of Monday in the hospital with kidney stones and actually had no concept of time as I writhed around in pain. But I digress… This can be a confusing and challenging time for people, so I’ve compiled a list of…
5 reasons to smile today!

1. School is alllllmost back in session. In my neck of the woods anyways. I only have one kid in school part time, but I’m still stoked for the routine to set in again. Also, my BFF and I haven’t hung out in weeks due to various illnesses and Christmas obligations (blah!) but once school is back we have built in hang out time 3 days a week. Life is good. 

2. Soooooo many stores are clearing out their Winter/holiday inventory and are having crazy sales. I’ve compiled the best of the best for you, you’re welcome. 

Gap: 30% off your purchase with code GAPDAY3 

The Gap is basically going to have non-stop discount codes until well into the new year, but the 30% off total purchase codes are always the best, so I would jump on this one. Here are a few things I’ve been eyeing…

I already own a coat almost identical to this, but if you know me then you know my obsession with military style jackets. So the temptation is real!


I love plaid, like love love, so this cape has me drooling big time. 

I’m a sucker for denim and own wayyyyy too many pairs of jeans. However! These have some killer embroidery, sooo….


Old Navy: 20% off your purchase, no code needed. 

Again, these guys are going to be discount code crazy for awhile yet, and are currently offering 20% off your total purchase. Here are some of my faves…
Love these jumbo totes. They look so much better than a grocery bag for all those odds and ends I seem to lug around in my #momlife.

I own these and they are so comfy and cute, and I’ve seen similar ones for 3x the price so run, don’t walk…

These guys are upping their activewear game lately and I actually own a few of their leggings, which all fit great. The galaxy print on these has me heavy breathing just a lil bit. 

Forever 21: Additional 30% off sale, no code needed.
I don’t want to say too much, but I may have dipped into this sale already. I love F21 for basics, as well as statement pieces. I know I haven’t been 21 for almost a decade, but YOLO right?? 
Currently loving…
Previously mentioned – my obsession with military jackets…

High waisted + retro flare = heart eyes. I love F21 jeans and they are slowly taking over my wardrobe. (I love the dark wash ones) 

Zara: are actually having a sale. 

I heart Zara and anytime they put something on sale, I pay attention. Right now they have a tonnnnnn of stuff marked down and these are a few of my faves (read: currently in my shopping cart…)
I’m loving text right now, so this toque is calling my name….no pun intended. 

Pretty much ditto for this tee…

Also this backpack is calling my name.


3. Ok, I got slightly sidetracked with that shopping one. But moving right along, another reason to keep on smiling is: 
You can take down your tree without feeling guilty! My parents dismantled mine yesterday while I was down for the count and not having to do it myself allllllmost made the kidney stones worth it. Almost. 

4. My son, Jasper, is almost a year old, yet he still takes a bottle before nap time and passes out on me every. single. time. Here is some photographic evidence that is sure to put a smile on your face, unless your heart is a frozen tundra. 

Heart melt.

5. It’s toque season. In Canada, anyway. So take advantage of some low maintenance hair days and thank me later. I love me some toques. 

 Top to bottom: American Eagle, Zara, Old Navy, F21. You’re welcome. 

There you have it.



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