Midweek Confessions

Today is the first day of school in 2017 and we are SO ready. I know I’m not alone in craving the predictability that the routine of school provides. Desmond only has classes three days a week (have a I mentioned that already? Oh right, in every single post so far lol…) so it’s not as full of a week as most Kindergarteners have, but it’s enough to alter the day to day dynamic around here and it’s a welcome change from two weeks of ‘home for the holidays’ cabin fever. Anyway, on to the meat of the post: some recent confessions from my simple SAHM life.

  1. I am obsessed with watching the @doughmestichousewife ice cookies on Instagram. There is something so relaxing about watching the icing slowly take shape on the sugar cookie to create different animals/patterns/designs/you name it. I feel like my blood pressure is lowered just by watching. It sounds so weird, but I love it. Check her out!
  2. My husband bought me a super fancy coffee machine when I was pregnant with our first baby and it is INCREDIBLE. It’s one of those ‘one touch’ machines that grinds and brews a fresh cup with the press of a button. So spoiled. Anyway, it has a frothing wand for making lattes etc. But for the LIFE OF ME I cannot figure out how to properly froth the milk. It’s always too hot and yet not foamy at all somehow?? Anyway, I found out awhile ago that you can buy little automatic milk frothers and recently bit the bullet and purchased one on Amazon and holy man – this thing can froth! You just pour the milk in and press the button. No muss, no fuss, perfect frothy milk every time. I feel sliiiiiiightly super guilty buying what is essentially a duplicate kitchen appliance, but the ease of use simply cannot be beat. Plus! It’s completely silent. No screeching frothing noises to make me sweat in fear during nap time/early morning hours. (Never wake a sleeping baby. Or child of any kind, actually…)
  3. There are two full laundry baskets sitting on my couch that I have had PLENTY of time (as much time as any mother with small children can have…) to fold, but have not folded, for days. DAYS. There is something so futile about folding laundry that is just putting me in a funk lately. It is the ultimate never ending chore. I feel like it just sits there and taunts me! Sigh. Tomorrow.
  4. Our kids got so so spoiled over Christmas with gifts from all their Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents – like wow!! I always appreciate when people go out of their way to get something for our kids, especially since I had very little extended family when I was a child. That being said, I carted home two very full laundry baskets of toys/games for the boys on Christmas Day alone (not including what they had already received from my side of the family) and immediately put both baskets in our (ENORMOUS) walk in closet. And left them there. Ha! I did the same thing after Corban’s birthday in the Fall. He got so many sets of Lego that I didn’t want to go unappreciated, so I hoarded them and over the next few months brought out one at a time and it was like his birthday all over again. I’ve been doing the same with the Xmas gifts and so far so good. They each got their main gifts right away, but the little extras are safely stored away for some future moment when they need an extra distraction and/or reward. It really is a win-win! Just don’t tell the kids ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. I love McDonalds. Like LOVE love. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure that I indulge in  often  occasionally with the kids… Anyways, they are still in the ‘Happy Meal’ stage of life, and Lord help me but those little plastic toys just curve me INSANE. As noted above, my kids have a lot of toys. More than enough. Then we got to McDonalds and they get some plastic Troll head (not even the whole Troll! Come on!) and I just know it’s going to be clogging up a toy box ne’er to be played with again. So. As soon as I get a chance, sometimes before it even leaves the vehicle (not that we eat in the car, Clinton! No no no no…) I throw it away. Gasp! But for reals. On rare occasions the toys are actually really cool and I let them live for about a week. I feel like when I was a kid the toys were a lot more fun?? Mini Barbies with real hair and My Little Pony collectables etc. Anyway. Sorry not sorry, kids.

That’s all I got for now. Check back Friday for a Favourites post – it’s gonna be good!


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