Friday Favourites 

TGIF! There’s just something about the end of the week that makes me feel like celebrating. We have a Friday night tradition (4+ years and counting!) of chicken wings for dinner and honestly I look forward to it all week! I craved Frank’s Buffalo Hot Sauce like a CRAZY PERSON when I was pregnant with Corban and put it on absolutely everything. I made chicken wings so often that I think Clinton was seriously worried for my safety haha! In order to curb this addiction, I started ‘Wing night’ on Fridays – to force myself to limit my consumption to once a week – and so the tradition was born! I honestly don’t think we’ve skipped it more than a handful of times since then. Even the boys know what’s for dinner on Fridays! I can be pretty picky about the crispness/freshness of my wings (#spoiled), so over time this has evolved into me making wings for Clint and the kids at supper time and then later on, after alllll the kids are in bed, I prepare and devour my own wings. No one to ask me for another glass of water or a napkin or to pick up their dropped fork/spoon/plate/wahhhhh! It is sheer bliss and I savour every moment. I eat them on the couch while Clint and I watch Netflix and it make me feel alive inside. It truly is the little things people!! Anyway, it’s basically the best part of my week. I’m already counting down the hours…. 

On to the post! My favourites of the week. Most of these are clothing items, but I’ve gotten a few new things in the Winter sales and I’m crushing on some of them pretty hard. 

  1. Black Chelsea boots from H&M. I had been looking for a pair of plain black ankle boots for sooooo long and finally found these (on sale!) back in December and have worn them almost every day since. I’m more of a sneaker girl normally, but I have always loved the way a pair of boots can finish off the look of an outfit. These are inexpensive and will not disappoint!
  2. Grey cardigan from Zara. It’s no secret that I love big, chunky sweaters, so when I saw this I had to jump on it – especially given the price! It is SO soft and is perfectly oversized. I got mine in a size small and would say it fits more like a medium. 
  3. Frayed hem high-waisted jeans from Zara. I had been on the hunt for a pair of frayed hem jeans for quite awhile before I finally found this pair at Zara. I love the grungy look of the uneven, ripped hem and distressed detailing. These are definitely high waisted, which I LOVE. The rise is 11″, which is perfect for me since I’m only 5′ 4″. So many times I have tried on jeans that are labeled as ‘high rise’ and they barely go past my hips. Anyway, these are amazing and slimming and so so comfortable. I feel bad because for my other jeans I have worn these ones so much since buying them! I actually got the on Black Friday, so they were 30% off which was amazing. Ok I’m rambling but seriouslum Zara is really high quality for the price and these are incredible. 
  4. Manga Mascara by L’Oreal. I don’t wear much for makeup, but I do wear mascara almost daily. I love this one and have been buying it for a couple years now, which is the longest I have ever stuck with one brand. It doesn’t clump and definitely lengthens and gives volume! 
  5. Choker necklace from H&M. (Similar here) I got this as a Christmas gift from my sister in law and I am OBSESSED with it. It’s super retro 90s style, but it just looks so chic! Even Clinton has commented on how much he likes it (more than once!) so it’s definitely a winner. I couldn’t find the exact one she got me online, but the one I linked at Forever 21 is very similar except that mine doesn’t have the rhinestones on the second loop, it just has a tiny gold circle pendant – which I love. I have seriously worn this almost everyday. Thanks Morgan!!

Ok I need to go get ready or we will never get out of the house on time for school. Happy Friday everyone!



2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites 

    • thishappymessylife says:

      So many haters on the chokers – but I love them!! Totally brings me back to Jr. high lol. Rock on Jen! And I should really be wearing my snow boots instead of the ankle boots but I love them too much! Might need to invest in some wool socks haha

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