Friday Favourites 

It’s Friday!! Here are a few tried and true favourites that I can’t live without. 

1.  Vanity frames. Some of you may have seen me occasionally sporting some über chic specs (lols):

But here’s the scoop: I don’t need to wear glasses. I know that anyone who actually DOES need to wear glasses is going to think I’m crazy, but I have allllllways been jealous of my four eyed friends. I knew a lot of people growing up who wore glasses and they always looked so stylish! I’m not talking about the terrible oversized metal rimmed glasses circa the 1990s, but moreso about the dark plastic frames that were en vogue when I was in high school. I remember friends of mine coming to school in sweatpants and their trendy glasses and always complimenting them on their look. They would invariably reply that they were ‘too lazy/in a hurry/tired to put their contacts in that morning’ and I would think ‘why not meeeeee??’ I wanted some stylish frames to hide my dark circles and also make me look nerd chic (Vanity thy name is me). Anywayyyyyys fast forward 10 years and I was browsing through the accessories at le Chateau when lo and behold – I came across a pair of fashion frames. What! My dream becoming reality?? I bought them and wore them and never looked back. Over the years I have bought several more pairs, but my favourite are the pair I’m wearing in the above photo, which are from Forver 21. If I don’t feel like putting on make up or I want to otherwise disguise my face, OR my outfit is screaming for a bit more pizazz – I reach for the specs. There you go, a favourite and a dirty little secret all wrapped into one!

2.  Parchment paper. Ok, how did no one turn me on to this earlier?? I don’t remember who suggested that I use it for my chicken wings (hello wing night! It is Friday after all!), but I was very eager to try it because there is literally NOTHING worse than losing half of your crispy chicken skin to the tin foil graveyard (RIP). I bake my wings in the oven after tossing them lightly in flour, as opposed to deep frying them (I have splatter anxiety)  and also hello it’s healthier! Anyway, someone told me to use parchment paper to preserve my precious wing skin and WOW! I fell in love. More recently I have started using it for other baking endeavours, such as lining a loaf pan for banana bread and a casserole dish for enchiladas. The amount of clean up time I save is priceless. I know that some most of you are thinking that I am wayyyyyy behind the times and that parchment paper is old news. All I have to say is why didn’t YOU tell me about it then?? And also how dare you. 

3.  Fry Day Hoodie. I ordered this from Spreadshirt and have no regrets. I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I spent sourcing out this exact design, but my fashion OCD was kicking into high gear and I HAD TO FIND IT. I had driven past someone wearing a similar shirt and literally did not stop googling until it was mine. The only teeny tiny problem with it is that I feel like I can only wear it on Fridays… is this a legit concern?? It technically says FRY day, not Friday. You can feel free to stop reading now.

4.  This book. So so good! I just finished the book Am I Messing Up My Kids? and immediately searched for another title by the same author. I’m always looking for good parenting books (give me ALL the help!) and this one does not disappoint. I’m only a few chapters in and have already found so many useful nuggets. 

5.  Star Trek (2009 movie). I don’t know exactly why (other than the fact that I’m a total nerd) but this movie realllllly does it for me. It may even be my favourite movie of all time. I have watched it over and over again (Clinton won’t watch it with me anymore lol) and it never gets old. Something about the visual effects and the retro vibe just make it the perfect movie. Clinton and I saw it on our 2nd anniversary in IMAX and it was one of the best nights of my life. 

Ok I’ve wasted enough of your time. Go enjoy your Friday night!the kids are all in bed (hallelujah – modern day miracle) and I’m about to dive into some crispy chicken wings and a glass of red wine. Keeping it reeeeeal classy.


3 thoughts on “Friday Favourites 

  1. jenstewie says:

    You know, I’ve always thought the same thing about glasses. Envious. Not envious of the poor vision, obviously. I’m happy to put that off as long as possible. Maybe someday I will buy a pair of empty frames…


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