Punch Monday in the Face 

Monday! We have been deep in the throes of the dreaded cold alllll weekend long and I am SO ready to be done with it. Sweet lil Jasper has been whining pretty well non-stop since Thursday, unless I’m holding him and rocking back and forth. And even that sometimes fails. Luckily I’m married to Superman (according to general public opinion – so many people have commented on the likeness between the two over the years lol)

I think it’s the glasses. (Which I keep ordering for him, to keep the whole thing going.) Anyway! Superman. Got up early on Saturday (yes I married a man who has a passion for setting alarms on the weekend…) and took the three oldest boys for breakfast so Jasper and I could rest. Then he dropped Rowan at home and took just the older two to Kelowna to do a full out Costco shop (the closest Costco is 1.5 hours away – painful). Many hours and many MORE dollars later, he returned home and unloaded/cleaned out the fridge/put almost everything away. For reals he is my hero. This cold is a beast and has just knocked me out. So now we are fully stocked for a week or so (jokes! But seriously these boys can eat…) and I don’t have to have a panic attack over Costco shopping with 4 little men. Plus I was down to half the clan for the day, which helped a lot a lot. 

Clint had to work on Sunday, so I hired Netflix to babysit while I held Jasper/attempted to tidy/drank coffee. Rowan spent the entire morning in a horizontal position on the couch, which literally never happens, so I knew that he was the latest victim of the virus. He ended up napping from 12-5, which is insane, but he obviously needed it. Even Jasper conked out for a solid 3 hour period, during which I snuck in a snooze as well. Miracles do happen, people. Desmond had a hockey game scheduled for this afternoon, which I was in no shape to bring him to, so my mother in law sailed to my rescue by picking up the oldest two boys in the early afternoon and bring them back to her house for the day. She then offered to keep them both for the night and take Desi to school this morning. I could have kissed her on the mouth. What a woman. I was sad to miss the game, but also relieved that I didn’t have to solo wrangle all four kids in addition to outfitting Desmond at the rink. Thank you to whoever helped him get his gear on! My poor MIL would have been lost I’m sure lol. So many pads…

Circa September 2016.

So here I am staring down a Monday morning with only two babes. It feels good. I don’t feel good, but I feel better than I would with an early morning school run in my immediate future. 
I had a loooooot of plans for this week (and last week, actually – ha!), not the least of which being organizing my house, which is in dire need of it. I also have a ton of boxes to drop at the thrift store, which have been sitting around for ages. It seems like just when I get the energy and motivation to actually make a dent in my ever growing to do list, something like this happens and I fall even further behind. I feel like I need to declutter my life. There is just so much extra junk taking up space that needs to GO. But tidying/organizing and raising small children don’t really seem to go hand in hand, do they? Everytime I declutter one space, another mess has heaped up somewhere else in the house. It feels like the ultimate futile effort. If you saw my house, you would probably think I never tidy EVER, but I assure you I tackle it daily lol.


I try not to get sucked into the ‘Monday Blues’ attitude. Partly because I hate to start my week on a negative note, but also because everyday is like a Monday when you’re a stay at home mom. The only difference on the weekend days is that Clinton is home (although he has worked an extra day on the last two weekends…) and can help me child wrangle. My responsibilities are the same, and the daily schedule of wake/eat/play/nap doesn’t vary, regardless of the day. I prefer to look at the start of each week as a fresh start and I adopted the ‘Punch Monday in the Face’ mantra years ago. 

Now that Desmond is in school, I’m down to 3 kids for a good chunk of the day – which makes a huge difference! I try to hit the ground running as often as I can and make an effort to tackle some of the more pressing household demands…

Right now there are three full laundry baskets of clean, dry clothes calling my name. But I also have a fussy baby calling my name, which seems more pressing. Mercifully, Rowan is not fussy at all, but seems content to watch Netflix and chill on the couch. What a champ.

Jasper lasted about 3 minutes.

Anyway, back to the organizing. I realllllly need to get on it. What are your organizational tips and tricks? Especially for life with small children! I’m allllll ears. 

Happy Monday! 



2 thoughts on “Punch Monday in the Face 

  1. jenstewie says:

    There must be something going around. The world. Naoya and I were each sick a total of four times in the last month. I hope you and your family start feeling all better soon. I don’t have small kids, and it’s not really groundbreaking advice, but I like to put things in baskets and then use them as sliding drawers on a shelf. One for computer stuff, camera stuff, important papers, scarves and mittens, and so on. Sorry, that’s probably not so helpful…

    Liked by 1 person

    • thishappymessylife says:

      Wow it must be a powerful virus then!! So many people around here have been sick multiple times in the last couple months. It’s a really bad cold/flu season! And that is very helpful, I love using baskets to contain clutter. I really need to invest in some good shelving, as I have none at the moment. Thanks Jen!


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