Thrift Happy

Clinton offered to watch the kids yesterday afternoon so I could do a thrift run and I left a hole in the wall excusing myself from the house as quickly as possible. I love love LOVE thrift shopping and there is a goldmine Value Village in Vernon, which is only (ha!) an hour away. I have been selling used, brand name clothing on eBay for a few years now to fund my shopping addiction earn some extra cash and VV never disappoints. More recently I have branched into the vintage arena with my shop and it has been so so fun to hunt for hidden treasures. Here are a few gems from my most recent trip!

1.  Vintage military style parka. This jacket is in mint condition! I would even venture to say it has never been worn. It still has the original tags and was Made in Canada. I love the colour of this coat and the inner faux fur lining looks so cozy. I almost think it could be a military issue from back in the day?? The color and style give it a real ‘uniform’ vibe. Anyway, military chic is very in these days, so I don’t expect this to last long. 

2.  Vintage wool coat. This is made of pure lambs wool and the tags are all in German, so I can only assume it was made in Germany! It is very heavy and warm and has a plaid flannel lining. It has all of the original buttons, as well as several ‘hidden’ pockets, which I love! 

3.  Hand knit sweater. I actually got this for Jasper, not to resell, because I just love it. I have been looking for vintage knits for the boys for awhile now, so I was very happy to find this! It doesn’t look like it has ever been washed or worn! I can’t help but think that some sweet Grandmother knitted this for her grandson with lots of love. Don’t worry granny, we will put it to very good use!

4.  Vintage hand knit sweater. I am actually packaging this up to ship right now, as it sold over the weekend. It is a super cozy hand knit sweater with a tree pattern on the front and back. The label states that it was made in Canada. I also found a more traditional Cowichan sweater a few months ago, which is actually what started me down the vintage path!

I still haven’t tested out the thrift circuit in Kelowna (which is 1.5 hours away), but I have heard good things! Desmond has hockey tournaments over the next two weekends, so it will probably have to wait. But soon!!

Happy Monday! 


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