Friday Favourites

It’s wing night! I’ve literally been looking forward to it since last Friday lol.

Anyway, here are a few things that I’ve been loving lately. 

1.  Pleather leggings. Ok, hear me out. I have 4 kids. I am constantly being drooled/spit up/snotted on. I have often changed my clothes multiple times per day. Enter: the pleather legging. These things are wipeable, people. WIPEABLE! Baby drool? Wipe it off! Spilled milk? Wipe it off! Mud smear from leaning into an SUV and buckling in 4 children? You get the picture. It’s been a major game changer. Now you know why I spent so much time searching for these in my A Day in the Life post. Also, the ones I have are high waisted so they are über über ÜBER flattering/forgiving/what have you. As an added bonus, they make me feel a little bit like Olivia Newton-John in Grease, which is never a bad thing.  Find some. Love them. Legging moms unite!

2.  Sweet potato tacos. I discovered these on Instagram a few months back and proceeded to make and eat them everyday for a week. Delish. Here is a basic recipe rundown: peel sweet potato and cut into cubes. Toss in olive oil/salt/pepper/garlic powder and bake on a parchment paper lined pan at 425 F for 25mins or until tender. Then just pop them into your tacos along with the regular accouterments and devour. If you want to sub these straight up for taco beef, just toss the cubed/oiled ‘tatoes with taco seasoning and bake. I usually just sprinkle a little bit of taco beef on top of the sweet potato, which makes it go way further. This is very important when your children eat every meal like it’s their last (#thatgrocerybilltho). I made these for dinner last night and they did not disappoint.

3.  Apple Watch. 

Clinton got me one for Christmas and it has been a marriage lifesaver. For real. Here’s some back story: I very very rarely get to my phone in time to answer it, for whatever reason (4 KIDS), and it drives Clinton mental. Even text messages are hard for me to respond to in a timely manner (SO MANY KIDS). So. I had been researching Smart watches for a couple months last Fall after reading alllll about the phone/text notification features that most of them have. I had been saving my eBay earnings for awhile and decided to splurge on the Fitbit Blaze, as it seemed like the most economical option and had great reviews. I didn’t say boo to Clint about it initially because I wanted to make extra extra sure that I was going to love it. I liked that I got my text notifications on it and could view them quickly without searching around for my phone. I also really liked that it tracked my steps per day and I could set goals etc for that. However, I was disappointed that the phone call notification feature only allowed you to ‘answer’ the call on your phone, not with your watch (this is also true for texts, you can view but not respond to them on the watch). These things weren’t deal breakers for me though, I was still being notified of calls/texts and was missing a lot fewer calls. Plus I had ordered a faux leather strap for it, which I really liked and made it look a lot less like a typical sporty Fitbit (vanity forever). Anyway, Clint was still in camp while all this was going down, so I had it for about a week before he even noticed. He jumped right on board when he found out about the call/text aspect, but he asked me why I hadn’t gotten an Apple watch, since there are so many more features and you can actually answer calls and respond to texts right on the watch. My answer was $$$$$$. The Apple watch is about $150 more than the Blaze. He then suggested I return the Blaze and order the Apple Watch, and he would make up the difference in price as his Christmas gift to me. Heavens opened, angels sang, etc. I was so excited. I ended up ordering this one directly from Apple. I then ordered a few different bands for it (again, vanity forever),  but ended up sticking with this one because I love how quick and easy it is to adjust the sizing. It also breathes a lot better than the silicone band did (sweaty wrist = no thanks). Anyway, since getting the watch I haven’t missed a single phone call. Seriously. Clinton has fallen even more in love with me, I’m sure of it. I can answer the phone hands free while I’m changing a diaper/folding laundry/making dinner/watching YouTube on the couch. Best gift ever (right up there with my coffee maker, vive le caffeine). If you have been considering a smart watch, I would still highly recommend the Fitbit Blaze, especially for the price. I would have been perfectly happy to keep it, had Clint not said anything.

4.  London fog tea lattes. I have been using my milk frother to make these this past week and it has been glorious. Milk + vanilla extract + earl grey tea. Easy and delicious. 

5.  Twizzlers Pull n Peel. I could honestly eat a whole bag of these and not bat an eye. So soft. Plus I love a candy that I can braid and then eat. Perfection. 

Happy Friday, friends! I hope your weekend is all you are hoping it will be – and more. 1/3 of our crew have already fallen victim to the stomach flu, so we will most likely be riding that alllll the way through to next week. Prayers appreciated.


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