Value Village was having a 30% off women’s wear sale yesterday, so I quickly pawned off arranged for Rowan to spend the day with my Mom so I could give it a little looky-loo. I didn’t find much, but I did OK for a last minute jaunt. 

Fist off, I have been keeping my peepers peeled for a pair of ‘mom jeans’ that I could convert into some shorts and I fiiiiiiiinally found some. Mom jeans are totally a thing right now, btw. And surprisingly flattering! I think it’s the high waist. Anyway, I almost considered just keeping these as is. But alas, they were destined for cutoff greatness. 

Before: mom bun + mom jeans.


They are legit retro and have multicolored Wool insets on the back and in one of the front pockets. So cool. 


I love layering shorts over leggings/tights in cooler weather. Cali people can’t have all the year-round shorts-wearing fun! I may be living in these for awhile. Yes, even in -13. Although I may need to layer up with some thigh high wool socks.

Next, I found a cute little wooden tool caddy that I repurposed as an organizer for our master bathroom. 

I’m thinking of doing a distressed white look on it. One of these days…

I also got a couple of basic long sleeve tees for me and some overall shorts for Jasper, but I’ll spare you the photographic details. I really really REALLY want to make the pilgrimage to the West Kelowna VV one of these days. It is MASSIVE and new and I just really want to experience it. There is a Bibles For Missions thrift shop there as well, which is usually a great spot to find vintage goodies. Day trip anyone??

Happy Thursday! I had a nightmare yesterday that involved not having enough chicken wings to cook for wing night, so I may stock up on extra today… just in case! 


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