Turning Back the Clock – 11/02/2017

1 Year Ago Today…

Jasper and his skinny grasshopper legs at one month old! I still put those tights on him, because they are the absolute cutest. Dressing up newborns is so much fun. I remember taking about a million pictures because he would NOT stay still. Even this one has a ghost hand because he kept waving it around lol. Busy baby. Also, the hoodie has ears. My kryptonite. 

Winter on the wet west coast. A much different view from today, where I can’t even see the grass! The long term forecast for this week 1 year ago was rain every. single. day. So the boys were enjoying some muddy outdoor playtime in order to preserve my sanity. That Muddy Buddy rainsuit that Rowan is wearing is THE BEST. I wish I had them in the older boys’ sizes. 

2 Years Ago Today…

Little Trunkis. This was a big day because we were heading back to the Island after almost 2.5 months of living at my parents’ place in Chilliwack! Clinton had been logging a setting between Chilliwack and Hope since the beginning of December. He left a few days ahead of me to get things organized with his crew, so I had packed all our bags/the playpen/some random work stuff that Clint had left behind and all the Christmas gifts I had acquired so far and then took all 3 kids across on the ferry by myself. This is what I was talking about in my other post, I am so spoiled now with all the help I have up here!! It was fun to be living in the lower mainland for such an extended period of time, as I got to visit with so many friends I hadn’t seen in years. Still, we were very excited to be going home. 

Big boy seat! I picked up this Maxi Cosi car seat for Rowan literally on my way to the ferry as we headed back to the Island. I had ordered it online and it arrived the day we left! Talk about good timing. He had been in an infant car seat prior to this. Always a big day when they move up to the next size! Now Jasper is using this one and Rowan is in Corban’s old one. It goes so fast, guys!

Token babywearing ferry pic! Me and 8.5 month old Rowan. I have so many pictures of me and/or the kids on the ferry. I was not sad to say adios to that particular part of Island life! It’s been over 9 Months since I last rode a ferry and it feels sooooo good. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! We are settling in for a long weekend, thanks to the BC family day on Monday. My plans mostly involve lots of naps. Carpe Diem!


3 thoughts on “Turning Back the Clock – 11/02/2017

  1. Sandra says:

    It does happen in the blink of an eye, tho some days are long and difficult- the best thing we ever did was have four kids and just so you know, you are an amazing blessed momma!

    Liked by 1 person

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