My Weekend In Pictures 

We tried to take advantage of the extra time together as a family over the looooong weekend, as well as embracing some seriously lazy moments. It’s called balance. Here’s what we got up to!


Clinton took Rowan for a breakfast date, which was so cute. The rest of the boys and I enjoyed a lazy morning and I drank 2 hot cups of coffee before 9am. Bliss. Then Desmond, Corban and Clint got organized to go cross country skiing. It was Corban’s first time ever! Clint sent me this picture when I texted him to see how it was going:

The sunglasses are seriously too much. My Cocobear!

The rest of Saturday was fairly uneventful. Clint brought home Panago pizza for dinner, and the older boys stayed up wayyy too late. 


Desmond had to be at the rink at 8:15am for a hockey game. Thankfully it was a home game, so we didn’t have far to drive. I woke him up at 7:15am and I could tell he was still pretty tired. Oops! Earlier to bed next time, sorry bud. 

I surprised the older two boys by taking them to see the Lego Batman movie in the afternoon. It was their first theatre experience and they were PUMPED!

Hyper, movie-going munchkins.

Surprise part two was meeting their cousins at the theatre! They looked so cute sitting all in a row. The boys did really well and sat through the whole thing, except for the time Corban stood up and started stroking the hair of a boy who was sitting in front of him…lol! They loved their mini popcorns and the giant screen and it was just a lot of fun. 



We took advantage of an extra day together by staying in our PJs until noon and going to McDonald’s for lunch! The boys loved that they actually got to go in the playplace, since we normally get drive thru when we frequent the Golden Arches. They also loved that the happy meals were Batman Lego themed! Win-win. 

Twinning with Mommy. Family Day = extra cuddles!

En route to McDonald’s! Rowan was obsessed with his sunglasses.


Desmond helped me put together his Valentines to bring to school tomorrow (his class is celebrating a day late, since K is only Monday/Wednesday/Friday at his school) and I made up this little box for him to bring them in! Plus I figure he can bring home any Valentines that he receives in it, too. I remember making my own decorated envelope for Valentines Day when I was in kindergarten. Still hard to wrap my mind around how things can come full circle like that. I hope he has the best day with his little buddies! He drew flowers and put multiple heart stickers on his teacher’s card because he ‘loves her so much’. He is such a sweetheart. 

Do you think anyone will notice the Christmas wrapping paper? Bunnies and snowflakes are Valentines appropriate, right??

That’s all, folks! Onwards to Friday we march. 


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