Wardrobe Staples

Happy Friday ya’ll! Clint might have to work the weekend and the anticipation of will he/won’t he is keeping things pretty spicy around here. Either way, you know I’ll be enjoying a plate of chicken wings and a glass of ‘weekend white’ circa 8pm tonight.

In an attempt to save money, Clint told me not to I decided not to do any online shopping last month. Or this month. Or the next, etc etc you get it. Anyway, so far I haven’t had any intense withdrawal symptoms, so good news there. I’ve still been doing a bit of ‘window shopping’ on my favourite sites (self torture?) and I picked out some of my faves to share with you, to help mask my pain. I’m generous like that. I broke these down into categories, since I usually end up searching for the same handful of things over and over again. My tried and true wardrobe staples of which I can NEVER have too many. Here we go!

Boyfriend/girlfriend/mom jeans

I actually don’t wear these as much in the winter months, since they look cuter with flats or high tops than they do with snow boots. I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair though, especially since getting down to my goal weight last Fall and thereby rendering alllll of my jeans too big. It was bittersweet. Here are some current faves:

Top: ZaraForever 21

Bottom: asos, asos

High waisted jeans 

The moment I put on my first pair of high rise jeans, I immediately questioned why anyone would ever willingly wear low rise. Who wants the waistband of their pants digging into their softest, most vulnerable flesh?? Even if you have a tight stomach, finding a pair of low rise jeans that don’t slide down and dig into all the wrong places is nigh impossible. High rise jeans: they will be there for you. Smoothing. Holding it all in. I’ll never go back. Plus, all those shirts that were previously too short are now the perfect length! Major bonus. I have slowly replaced alllll my jeans with their high waisted counterparts. Here are some pairs that I have been eyeing up real bad – epecially the striped ones! I need them to replace my low rise beetlejuice pants. Please still be available when my shopping fast has ended…

Top: Zara, Zara

Bottom: Forever 21, asos


I like to layer these over hoodies/sweaters and again this is easier to do when it’s not the dead of winter and I don’t also need to wear a parka with everything… but! I still attempt to rock a thinner jacket every now and again even in -10 temps. Vanity foreverrrrrr. These are all identical similar to jackets I already own, but I would buy any of them in a hot minute regardless. 

Top: Zara, Forever 21

Bottom: Forever 21, asos 

Ankle boots

I only jumped on the bootie train a few months ago, after many months of indecisiveness. Whyyyy did I wait so long?? I think it’s because I normally don’t buy new shoes and also tend to stick with sneaks vs boots. Anyway I opened up Pandora’s box when I bought my first pair last Fall and I haven’t looked back. I own way too many now. No regrets!! They seriously go with everything and I can wear them on the daily since they all have low heels. Win freaking win. 

Top: H&M, Old Navy

Bottom: American Eagle, Zara

Graphic Ts

I used to do an eye roll every time I saw graphic/text on a shirt. Now I just think they’re funny and quirky and I have about 50. What can I say, I’ve matured. I especially love retro style graphics and own 3 different Star Wars Ts, which has earned me some MAJOR cool points with my boys. Here are some other cutesy ones I’ve been ogling (and yes, they are all from Forever 21. I don’t wanna grow up.)

Top: Forever 21, Forever 21

Bottom: Forever 21, Forever 21

Quick note – Forever 21 is having a sale this weekend with an extra 50% off sale items, and obviously the Gap + Old Navy are having sales (when are they not…?) with up to 40% off your entire purchase, so if you feel like a little mid-Winter splurge then now is the time to strike! Also, if you have never shopped on asos.com you are seriously missing out. They ship free to Canada for purchases over $35 and the selection is insaaaaaane. 

All right that’s all for now. I can hear all the kids jumping around upstairs post-nap and should probably start parenting again. Baby steps to 6(ish) o’clock when Clint gets home. Have a great weekend, friends! May your wings be crispy and your glasses be full.


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