An Ode to my Husband 

I am about to embark on a weekend away allllll on my own and this is the man who is making it alllllll happen:

(He’s the one in the glasses.)

My BFF of 18 years is having her baby shower this weekend and I am driving out this morning to spend three whole days with her and her ADORABLE twin boys, Gage and Hunter. They were born last October at 28 weeks and just came home from the hospital in January. I haven’t seen/held/smelled them yet and it has been killing me. 


Clint surprised me back in November by promising me a trip to visit Alissa and her boys, but I haven’t had a chance to get down to see her yet. (I mostly blame hockey lol…) This weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity, what with the shower and all. I mentioned it to Clinton, he readily agreed, and I’ve been counting down the days ever since! 

I haven’t spent more than one night away from Jasper EVER and this will be the first time Clinton has gone solo with all four boys for an extended period of time. He also has to get Desmond to his last hockey game of the season tomorrow, but thankfully my mom is going to watch the younger two so he doesn’t have to wrangle them all for that. I have my concerns re: meals, bedtime, outfit choices, BUT he has always prided himself on being able to manage all the kids on his own and I think he is looking forward to an all boys weekend. 

Anyway, as a thank you I decided to embarrass him by picking the top 5 things that make him the best everrrrrr. Here we go. 

5.  My toothpaste was running out (we have separate tubes, I use a whitening one in a futile attempt to cancel out all the coffee I drink…) and I always put off buying a new one until the last possible moment. Then one day I look in my vanity drawer and there’s a fresh tube all ready to go. I asked Clinton about it and he said he had noticed that I was running low, so he got me a new one. It’s the little things, people. 

4.  At Christmas he promised me that if/when our coffee maker dies, he will buy me a new one immediately. No questions asked. It’s been a teeny tiny bit on the fritz lately, and I had been freaking out more than a teeny tiny bit. That’s true love. 

3.  On the weekends, he brings me coffee in bed. My love language. 

2.  I can’t count how many times he has offered to watch the kids and told me to go to Value Village and shop til I drop. Which is no joke, because I have incredible thrift shopping stamina. We’re talking hours, ya’ll. 

1.  He puts up with my crazy. Enough said. He is the lighthouse to my storm-tossed, hormonal ship. The logic to my nonsense. The steady to my quake. He loves me very well and when I doubt myself, he assures me of my worth. 

Love you, babe! Enjoy your testosterone-filled weekend. 

Please don’t burn the house down. 


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