I’m baaaaaaack! From my weekend away, that is. I semi-documented the experience and will share the photographic evidence with you now!

My parents came over early Friday morning to watch the younger 3 boys and I left Sicamous at 8am with Desmond. After dropping him off at school I headed over to SBux to get some breakfast and another shot (or 4) for the road! I don’t remember the last time I ordered a venti coffee, but I had a gift card to spend and was feeling pretty flush. 

My eyes are screaming ‘freeedoooooom!’

I left Salmon Arm at 9:15am. The sun was shining and the roads were clear, so good things all around! I drove non stop, which is one of the many perks to NOT traveling with children. I got to the Highstreet shopping centre in Abbotsford at 1pm and did a quickie quick quick shop at Forever 21 (additional 50% off clearance!) before continuing on to the local McDs to pick up lunch for myself and Alissa. I arrived at her house just after 2pm and we ate French fries while snuggling her babies. I hadn’t seen her since May 2016, which is way way way too long. As I mentioned in my thank you note, her and I have been friends for 18 years. Here’s some photos of us 10 years ago:

Pretending to sleep on a sky train. Classic.

Sharing a gold medal win in Whistler, for my 20th birthday.

Cutting her birthday cake together, wedding style.

We are best best friends and have been through the best and the worst with each other. I just can’t imagine life without her. 

Anyway, It was so amazing to be holding her babies, after such a long road to parenthood for her and Ben. You can read more about their story here. It goes without saying, but I tried to soak in every single moment!

Feeding time set-up. (Hunter, Gage)

Playmat calisthenics. (Hunter, Gage)

Breaking in the Ergo with Hunter.

And Gage!

We did all of our favourite things as the weekend progressed. We went to an amazing little sushi restaurant close to her house on Friday with her mom. Clinton doesn’t like sushi, so I very rarely get to enjoy it. Alissa knows this, so we always make a point of eating it when we get together. On Saturday her husband, Ben, and his mom ushered us out of the house and promised to watch the boys so we could get out for a few hours. We met up with my brother and his kids for lunch, which was short but sweet! Then we went shopping at Value Village. I felt very spoiled to be able to spend some one on one time with her, sans kids. We headed home in the early afternoon and got back to baby snuggling. 

Sunday was the big day: the baby shower! I was staying at her parents place a few minutes away and spent that morning helping to decorate and prepare food. It was fun to visit with her parents and sleepover in the same room I had bunked in as a teenager. The guests arrived at around 12:30 and it was a really fun time. So many people came out to congratulate Alissa and Ben and to hold the boys for the first time. I even managed to get a picture of Alissa and I, which I always forget to do. 

Mommy BFFs!

I somehow managed to tear myself away at 4pm to begin the long journey home. I stopped in Chilliwack to meet my sister and her fiancé for coffee, and then grabbed some McDonald’s for the road. Thankfully the snow from the previous night had cleared off by then, so it was smooth (albeit dark) sailing all the way home. I arrived in Sicamous at 10:45pm. It feels like it was over in the blink of an eye! But I will always remember the first time I got to hold those sweet little boys. Until next time. Aunty loves you!!


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