A Day In The Life

Wednesday March 8, 2017

5:15am – Clinton’s alarm goes off. He lets it beep beep BEEP for wayyyyy too long. I elbow him, he shuts it off. 

5:30am – Get out of bed. Put on kettle, turn on coffee maker, put a bagel in the toaster. Put together Clint’s lunch, make tea for his thermos (because he works outside and it’s -2, yo!) make him a coffee, smear some cream cheese on his bagel. Pack it all up and help him load up his arms with lunch kit, jacket, hard hat, coffee, etc etc etc. Wave goodbye as he trudges out to his ride, who is waiting in our snowy driveway. 

5:45am – Make Desmond’s lunch. Make myself a coffee and bagel. Get back in bed. 

Not pictured: bagel.

5:55am – Devotions. 

6:15am – Instagram zone out. Start this blog post. 

6:29am – Hear the older boys wake up. 

6:45am – Go downstairs to break up a fight. Desmond is screaming at Corban to be quiet so he can ‘concentrate’… 

6:50am – Start breakfast. Feed Desmond and Corban. 

7:00am – Get Rowan downstairs, sit him at the table with his breakfast. 

7:04am – Do 4 minute HIIT workout, semi uninterrupted. 

7:08am – Go downstairs, wipe Rowan up, bring him upstairs to get dressed. Notice that he smells foul. Change his pull up. Pray silently that he will, one day, be potty trained. 

7:12am – Get Jasper up and dressed. Bring him downstairs and give him his breakfast. 

7:20am – Shower. 

7:25am – Brush teeth, get dressed, do hair, thank the Lord for the gift of dry shampoo. 

7:38am – Start the round up by instructing the older boys to put boots/jackets on. Find Rowan and situate him by the door. Tidy up the kitchen and dining room. 

7:48am – Start up the Expedition. 

7:55am – Usher older children out to the vehicle. Buckle buckle buckle. 

8:01am – Get Jasper ready to go, notice that he has pooped, change his diaper. 

8:04am – Buckle Jasper into car seat. 

8:06am – Prepare a bottle for Jasper and a coffee for myself. Grab a granola bar for the road. Second breakfast anyone?

8:10am – Leave for school drop off. 

8:36am – Arrive at school. Drop Desmond off. Head to Walmart. 

8:56am – Arrive at Walmart. Wait outside the walk in clinic to get Jasper seen, his cough just won’t quit. 

9:03am – Get checked in and begin waiting. 

9:31am – Get seen. His cough should resolve itself and he seems fine otherwise. No more antibiotics thankfully. 

9:46am – Get loaded up into the truck. 

10:00am – Head to Vernon. 

10:45am – Arrive at Value Village. Feed Jasper his bottle. Unload children. Shop. 

12:10pm – Get loaded back up, drive over to McDonald’s for lunch. 

12:12pm – Arrived at McD’s. Order food, enter the noisiest play area EVER, wait for food. 

12:18pm – Eat. Play. 

12:25pm – Corban needs to go #2. Herd everyone into the bathroom. Somehow wipe him while balancing Jasper on my hip. 

12:28pm – Kind McDonald’s employee offers to give the boys mini ice cream cones. Maybe he could see the crazy in my eyes as I came out of the bathroom…

12:30pm – Consume ice cream. Commence playing. 

12:36pm – Load up again. Drive to car wash. 

12:38pm – Arrive. Clear out garbage and organize the general disaster that is the interior of my truck. Go through car wash. Jasper only cries minimally. 

12:45pm – Drive to Superstore. Realize I have no loonie for the cart. Whyyyyy. Unload children, make our way to customer service to get change. 

12:55pm – Shop. I already placed a big order online, but the coffee I wanted was out of stock so I need to find a substitute. Thankfully they have the same type/different flavour and I buy a ton because it’s on mega sale. 

1:28pm – Check out. Take Rowan to the washroom. His Pull-Up rips at the side, rendering it useless. Pray that he won’t pee again before we get home and I can replace it.

1:34pm – Get loaded into the truck. Again. 

1:38pm – Move to park in one of the ‘click & collect’ spaces and call in to let them know I have arrived. 

1:40pm – Change Jasper’s diaper on the front seat of the truck. 

1:45pm – Groceries are loaded up. 

1:48pm – Put on some easy listening music for the drive to lull Jasper to sleep. Leave Vernon. 

2:30pm – Arrive at Desmond’s school. It’s too early to pick him up and Jasper is crying because he woke up from his abbreviated nap. Drive around town for a bit. 

2:48pm – Arrive at Desmond’s school, again. Get everyone unloaded to go pick him up. Notice that Rowan has removed his socks and boots. Whyyyyy why why. Redress his feet. 

3:08pm – Get loaded back up into the truck. Drop my nephew off at his house. Quick chat with my sister in law. Head home. 

3:35pm – Stop at the Purolator pick-up depot. Pick up packages. 

3:45pm – Home. Unload older boys, put on their winter wear, tell them to play outside. Rowan has taken off his socks and boots. Again. Redo. Unload truck of groceries and baby. 

4:10pm – Tidy kitchen. Put away groceries. Start dinner prep.  

4:35pm – Jasper is fussing like crazy. Placate him with Cheerios in the highchair. Empty dishwasher. 

4:50pm – Rowan pees in the useless, half on Pull-Up that I forgot about and soaks his pants. Thankfully he was outside at the time, so easy clean up. Get him to use the toilet, change his pants and discuss how he  is supposed to tell me BEFORE he pees. Say another silent prayer that he will, one day, be potty trained. 

4:55pm – Jasper is fussing again. Get a bottle ready for him. 

5:01pm – Boys come inside. Put on their favourite Netflix Lego show. Remind them not to jump on the couch. 

5:12pm – Feed Jasper his bottle. 

5:22pm – More dinner prep. More tidying. 

6:05pm – Clinton gets home. 

6:20pm – Dinner!

6:35pm – Wipe up children, clear table, fill dishwasher. Call my mom to make sure she is still coming over so we can go to bible study. 

6:45pm – Parents arrive, Clinton and I leave. Head to bible study, no one is there. Call the pastor and find out they are having a special meeting downtown instead. Head over there. 

6:55pm-9:20pm – Meeting, visiting, chatting. 

9:29pm – Arrive home. 

10:00pm – Bed!


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