Our baby making motto.

It’s happening, people. Baby 5 is on its way and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Clinton mentioned recently that we are now moving into ‘weirdly large family’ territory, which made me a tiny bit nervous about announcing it to the world. Four kids (especially being as young as mine all are) gets me a lot of looks and a fair few comments, but FIVE kids… I can only imagine. Obviously we aren’t too concerned, since we went ahead and bred anyway. But still. In an effort to head off any comments or questions sure to come our way, I put together this list of frequently asked questions. Enjoy! And let me know if I missed anything!

1. Are you crazy?


2. You do know how that happens, don’t you?

We are, in fact, well versed in the practice of baby making and enjoy it a great deal! Thank you for your concern, kind (if not slightly creepy) stranger. 

3. Are they all yours?

Yes. I have not borrowed a small child or two for my weekly grocery run. Because I am not insane. 

4. Are they all boys?

Yes they are. My husband comes from a family of six boys – no girls – so my OB told me not to hold my breath on the girl front. Which leads me to the next FAQ…

5. Still trying for that girl, hey?

Wellllll, yes and no. We always knew we wanted a large family, so we probably wouldn’t have stopped at four even if we had a girl already. However, I would absolutely love to have a daughter. Also, Desmond prays for a baby sister on the daily. He is a real prayer warrior, so if it does happen I will be chalking it up to his petitioning. 

6. How do you do it?

Well, if you are seeing me in public on a good day with well behaved, smiling children – then the answer is that I am obviously a baby guru who has read all the right books and knows it all. However, if you are seeing me in the real world, you will know that I don’t always do it very well. To be honest, some days I wonder (in the heat of the moment) if I haven’t made a huge mistake, because I am obviously not qualified to be a mother, period! However, any number of small children is a lot of work and 4 isn’t that much more complicated than 2, except when they are all crying at the same time for unknown reasons. My philosophy is, if you have kids then you’re already in it, so you might as well go all in. 

7. You have your hands full!

Yes, I do! Thank you for that observation! Perhaps you could lend me a pair of your hands to hold this screaming baby while I change my two year old, who happens to be the most stubborn potty trainee in history. Wait, where are you going? Was it something I said…?

8. Are you going to find out the gender?

YES. We weren’t able to find out with Jasper because he was being sneaky during both of his ultrasounds. However, I have already told Clinton that there is no way I will be waiting until delivery to find out this time around. Even if that means we have to live in the radiology department until baby shifts positions. Only 14 weeks to go…

9. Have you decided on names?

Nope. We are well out of boy names, for obvious reasons. At this point we will need to start at Aaron and work our way down to Zigmund in order to come up with any new options. As for girl names, we have a few faves but honestly until I get some kind of iron clad confirmation that it’s a GIRL I won’t be putting too much effort into that arena. 

10. Are you trying to compete with the Duggars?

Not per se, but if you happen to hear of any similar television opportunities please let me know. 

11. Is this your last/are you done/what is wrong with you?

Ultimately, it’s not up to us. However, I’ve always said that when it comes to kids my husband’s motto is ‘Can’t stop, won’t stop’, so the short answer is……..no! 

That’s all I’ve got! So far I’m feeling good, albeit more tired than usual. Desmond and Corban cannot WAIT for my tummy to get ‘fat’ and after a careful examination today they concluded that they can definitely ‘tell that there’s a baby in there’, which as you can imagine did wonders for my self esteem. 6 weeks along, boys. I don’t think so!! Anyway they’re very cute and Desmond has, of course, already expressed his hopes that it’s a girl. Only time will tell. Happy Tuesday, friends!


8 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Sandra says:

    Ahhhhh congrats!! You will never go wrong having babies and my advice is never care what any one thinks of the choices you and your hubby choose for your family!!!!!! So exciting! Every baby is a true gift to a family!
    I always hated the line ‘you’ve got your hands full’- Duh! What mother doesn’t!!

    Liked by 1 person

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