Flashback – 02/04/2017

Hello all!! Tomorrow is the first day back to school after two glorious weeks of spring break. We are all very very ready to get back to the grind. And I’m also very ready to pack up all our winter gear because spring has finally arrived! The boys played outside today and didn’t even need their jackets. Bliss. Also, I wore a skirt and flats with no tights and it felt so right. 

It’s Spring, baby!

Anyway, I thought I would do a flashback post to kick off the week. Get ready for some cute baby faces…


Rowan! He actually hasn’t changed that much, he has been such a little man for a long time. This was taken on ‘wing night’ and he had devoured 8 chicken wings. And was still asking for more! Also, no bib because we were visiting my parents and obviously living wild and dangerously. 

Story time with Papa in matching Pjs! Desmond looks SO little here. And Rowan looks more baby-like in those footed jammies. 

Warning: cuteness overload. Jasper was SO STINKING CUTE in that hat. I can’t even. Good thing I’m already pregnant, because hello baby fever. 


Me and the boys at the library in Lake Cowichan. Wearing matching toques. This was during our brief time at home between Clint working in Chilliwack and Courtenay. We were soaking up a lot of sun and enjoying being at home for the first time in months. This was juuuuust before I was pregnant with Jasper. 


Tiny Desmond! He was almost 2 here. At Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Lake Cowichan. Look at those big brown eyes and his baby nose. I die. 

That’s all I got. Enjoy your week, friends! Here’s hoping we get lots of sun so I can dig the boys’ sneakers out for the first time in months. I’m getting reeeeeally tired of their Bogs. 


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