Midweek Confessions 

Well, we’ve survived half the week, friends. Spring has finally sprung around here and it feels soooooo good. The boys and I spent the entire day at my sister in law’s on Monday after school drop off and it was honestly the most fun I’ve had in months. We let the kids play in the backyard while we drank coffee on the deck in the sunshine and then walked to the school for pick up in the afternoon. Amazing. Please don’t ever go, sun.

Yesterday wasn’t nearly as exciting, because I had to catch up on all the housework/responsibilities I had avoided by spending Monday in the suuuuun (#worthit). The boys spent the majority of the morning doing ‘homework’ at the kitchen table. Rowan pulled his chair up right beside Desmond’s, as per usual, and it was all just too cute. While it lasted anyway…


Now for the meat of the post: some recent and not so recent confessions.

  1. I never reheat my coffee when it gets cold. I just make myself a fresh cup. We have one of those fancy one button espresso machines, so this is very easy to do. And I feel like I deserve it. #highmaintenance
  2. I hate background music. Something about random music playing while I am trying to chat/visit just makes my skin crawl. In the car, in the house, you name it. Until very recently (ie: the last couple months) I never ever ever had music playing in the house. Then I decided to try it out one day, because the kids were being noisy and driving me bananas and I had a ton of housework to do (when do I not…?) Turns out it was the best thing ever and I had a spring in my step and everything. I thought I was cured! A few days later my mom was over helping out with the kids and I came downstairs to find her phone on with some music playing and I was like ‘Noooooo!’ ……. So I guess it’s just other people’s music that I hate?? Please don’t unfriend me.
  3. Porch lasagna. Two words that probably shouldn’t go together. A few months ago I made lasagna, which in and of itself is a miracle because A) I don’t like lasagna and B) It is so painfully time consuming and 4 KIDS HELLO. However, it is one of Clinton’s favourite meals and I try to be a good, self sacrificing wife now and then. So anyways I made lasagna, but it was a bit of a fail and not saucy enough, among other things, so we only consumed half of it and then there was this huge portion left over that I knew wasn’t going to get eaten because DRY. It felt wrong to just put it in the garbage though, because waste. So I did what any normal Canadian would do in the winter: I covered it and put it on the table on our deck. It then sat there for what I am estimating was several months. We never use the deck in the winter, so it was easy to ignore the cold, lonely casserole. Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of it through the window and think ‘Oh right, that lasagna…’ and then carry on with my day. Eventually the foil covering went missing, I’m assuming it was removed by a flock of birds or something. Then the amount in the pan started to diminish, again I’m going to have to assume that it was being snacked on by birds or some other small animal. At this point I was just glad that someone/thing was dealing with it. A few weeks ago I finally mustered up the extra energy to bring it inside, mostly because the weather was starting to warm up and I didn’t want it to get mouldy. By this point there was only a thin layer of noodles and spinach remaining, which were easily scraped away. Moral of the story: if you procrastinate long enough, things will take care of themselves.
  4. Keeping with the theme of my personal laziness, Clinton and I spent the weekend with his family at a winery a few weeks ago and my overnight bag is still sitting beside my bed – full of its original contents. Also, it now has several weeks worth of other discarded outfits piled on top of it. No shame in my lazy game. Ok maybe a little shame…
  5. Sometimes when I’m vacuuming I suck up tiny pieces of Lego, on purpose. It’s all over the house and honestly they have like 5,000,000 pieces by now and will they even notice?? Unless it’s a gun or a head or something, it’s going bye bye. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s all I can think of for now. Rest easy knowing my life is a hot mess. Enjoy the rest of the week, ya’ll!


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