You Can Quote Me On That

Recently seen on Facebook:

False! Here are 10 things worth doing that are downright stupid easy:

  1. Taking a nap. If you’re a parent, this is the ultimate Netflix and chill: Netflix for the kids, chill for you. No regrets. 
  2. Breakfast for dinner. Cereal vs. chicken. No contest on which is easier!
  3. Tacos. Yes. 
  4. Parchment paper. I use it to line my casserole dishes, loaf pans, cookie sheets, etc etc etc. Clean up literally could not be easier. 
  5. Taping over the doorbell so your children stop ringing it when they are outside. Seriously my kids can’t be the only ones that do this. But it is seriously so loud. Also, we have two doors that have doorbells for some reason… whyyyy??
  6. Leaving the lunch leftovers/remnants on the counter for your children to graze on as an afternooon snack. This is also a way to cut down on waste! Win win. 
  7. Leggings as pants. Easy AND comfortable. Leggings are the clothing equivalent of a neutral colour: they go with everything. 
  8. Dry shampoo. This is a time saver too!
  9. This recipe. You will not regret it. Literally mix and serve and oh my goodness good. 
  10. Online shopping. My husband can attest that this is maybe even TOO easy. 

Now you know. Have a great weekend, friends!


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