My Week in Pictures

Sunday April 9, 2017

Clinton left for a two week shift on the Island early this morning. Him and his brothers will be trading off working down there and up here for the next few months. Jasper comforted me with sleepy baby cuddles in the afternoon. It had been two months to the DAY since he last fell asleep on me (obviously I’m keeping track rather closely…) 


Monday April 10, 2017

The first couple days of Clint being gone are the easiest and the hardest. They are easier because I have more energy early on (ha!) and I don’t mind the alone time in the evenings. They are harder because the kids are always a bit more wild and I am always a bit more high strung as we settle into the new routine of solo parenting/4 on 1 battle formations. My mom came over in the afternoon to babysit so the younger boys could nap while I did school pick up. I brought Corban along with me because he didn’t actually nap and I surprised him and Desmond with a trip to DQ for some ice cream cones. 

We moved the party inside the restaurant shortly after I took this picture because COLD! (Come back sun!) After they finished, Desmond asked if he could thank the man who made their cones. The guy behind the counter seemed genuinely touched when Desmond, and then Corban, thanked him. It was a real heart melter moment. 

The boys were all predictably hyper after dinner (tacos, obvs. One of my go to meals when Clint is away, because he doesn’t really like them and the kids and I loooove them), so I ushered them outside to play for a good portion of the evening, even in the rain. They didn’t make their way in until almost 8pm, right in time for PJs and bed. I am loving the longer days! Jasper snuggled with me on the couch and had his nighttime bottle, while tucked into his new Hudson’s Bay inspired quilt, lovingly made by his Nana. I am obsesssssssed. 

Also, he will stop taking a bottle approximately never. Because look how cute! They’re only little once, ya’ll. 

Tuesday April 11, 2017

The sun deigned to shine today, so my sister in law and I took the kids (all 7 of them!) to the park and did a bike/walk/stroll around for a good portion of the morning. 


Mr. Speedy

I put Jasper in this swing and then got to sit on the park bench for the rest of our stay, because all of his cousins/brothers wanted to take turns pushing him. Winniiiiiiing. 

We all came back to my house for more playtime and lunch. The kids decided to have a bike washing party, complete with the sponges I thrifted for 99cents last summer. 

After the cousins left, I managed to keep the boys playing outside for another hour, then brought them in for nap/quiet time. 

After dinner I decided to brave the emotional storm that is hair cutting and gave the three older boys a trim. There was minimal crying overall, and most of this was done by Rowan (and hardly any by me…) The end result is always worth it though! Which leads me to the next picture:

Wednesday April 12, 2017

I managed to get a picture of ALL of my boys and their freshly shorn locks – and before school no less! There was a street sweeper in front of our house, which is why none of them are looking at the camera. Typical. But still handsome! Now I’m off the hair cutting hook for another 6-8 weeks. 

I spent most of the day preparing for our upcoming road trip to the Island. Since Clinton is gone over Easter, and Desmond has a good chunk of days off at school, we are travelling to Lake Cowichan to see him! We leave early Friday morning and I like to have everything organized well in advance so I don’t go crazy. So far I have the boys’ suitcases packed and a big ol list of stuff to pack into the Expedition (once I get the tires changed over and subsequently out of the trunk.) I’ve done this trip solo with 3 boys, but not 4, so I’m slightly nervous about the outcome. It’s been almost a year since we last did this drive, ferry and all, and the boys are very excited. I am just hoping no one has a meltdown/poo blowout on the ferry. 

Thursday April 13, 2017

Today was craaaaaaazy. So much to do and not nearly enough time. But I managed to get the important things done – like getting the tires changed, having my first prenatal appointment, picking up a new (to me) change table for the nursery, and packing up the SUV. I really should have packed more stuff into the trailer when clint took it down on Sunday, but I think I was a teensy bit in denial about the whole thing.  Anyways it’s all done now and the boys are pumped!

I put them to bed in their clothes so I can do a ‘grab and go’ early squirrely tomorrow morning. (Sidenote: these Trunkis have gotten a ton o use in their short little lives. They are super durable and have just enough room for tiny clothes. I definitely recommend them. Plus, look how cute! Pretty sure we have all the (boy) colors now…ha!)

Friday April 14, 2017

6:00am – Individually transfer each boy from their bed to their car seat. 

6:10am – Pull out of the driveway. 

11:10am – Arrive at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, just in time to make it into the line for the 12:45pm ferry to Nanaimo. Good Friday traffic be craaaaazyyyy. 

3:45pm – Arrive in Lake Cowichan. 

10 hours. 4 kids. Nailed it. 

3 guesses as to who didn’t nap alllll day. Monkey!! The boys all did really well though, especially after such an early wake up. I got an above average number of ‘You have your hands full!’ comments. But really, who could blame them. I had Jasper strapped to my back and was trying to hold 3 other tiny hands at the same time. It was a bit of a circus. 

Everyone was very happy to see Daddy when we finally arrived. The trailer is parked at a camping resort just outside of town with full hook-ups, meaning: water, sewage, electricity and wifi. This is definitely the kind of ‘camping’ I can get behind! Last summer we had none of those amenities, so I feel extra spoiled now. Hellloooo full use of the microwave! Also, I picked up a used Tassimo on the cheap to use in the trailer and it has kicked the ‘glamping’ factor up a few more notches. Delicious. 

Saturday April 14, 2017

Jasper, adjusting to camp life. 

Clint’s parents had the older three boys for a sleepover last night, so we were treated to an 8am sleep in care of Jasper. The day started off cloudy but by the afternoon the sun finally came out and we were able to enjoy it with the boys. 

The trailer in its natural habitat.

It’s a really nice campground and is well tended to. The boys were riding their bikes as soon as they were up from their naps. 

There’s a big wooden playground by the beach, which is awesome. I took the younger two boys there in the afternoon, since they both boycotted their naps…

Jasper climbed up onto that stump on his own, then proceeded to climb onto the second stump as well, before finally climbing back down. Monkey child. 

After nap time, Clinton took the boys to find some roasting sticks for our campfire. We knew we had to take advantage of the sunshine while it stuck around – the forecast for the rest of the week is rain, as per usual. Never take a sunny day on the West Coast for granted!

We had some friends over for dinner and it was pretty epic. You just can’t beat a fire roasted hot dog. The boys even went to bed early (ish) in the trailer and we got to visit by the campfire for a good long while. 

And that was my week! It has been hectic, but we are so happy to be here for Easter with Clinton and his family. Have a blessed Easter Sunday, friends! 


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