Then and Now


One year ago we made the best decision ever and moved to the beautiful Shuswap! The plans had been in the works for literally YEARS and we were/are so so grateful that it finally happened. On Mother’s Day of 2016 we brought home our moving truck and started loading it on up. 

Moving is so super stressful, especially with kids, but we had so many people offer to help and it made the experience an *almost* pleasant one. We spent all day Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday loading up the truck, finishing up at about 9pm Tuesday. 

Clinton had insisted on loading our mattresses up early on in the day, convinced that we would be finished in time to hop on a late ferry and get on our way. All the lollllls. Luckily, his brother and sister in law took us in and we spent the night in Duncan before heading out early Wednesday morning. 

The boys were so stoked about the couch sleeping arrangements! (Desmond was already in Salmon Arm for a visit with Grandma). Jasper eventually fell asleep in the playpen after minimal fussing. Little trooper was only 4 months old and rolled with the no naps/no schedule thing so well. 

Tiny 4 month old Jasper!

I drove the van up with the kids, complete with canoe strapped to the roof with some fairly flimsy straps (one of which snapped halfway through my trip!) It was quite the sight. We dropped the middle two boys off with my parents in Chilliwack on our way through, which was so amazing because we actually were able to unpack when we arrived! Kids + boxes = yikes. I hadn’t seen our house before I pulled up with the van on May 12, 2016. My first impressions: its flipping huge, the hardwood floors are incredible, it’s flipping HUGE! God is so good. 

Our bedroom. I mean come on, those peaked ceilings?? Our duplex was 1300sqft, so moving to a house that is easily 2500+ was and is like heavennnnnn.

Our espresso machine was strapped next to me on the passenger seat in the van, so as to be readily available upon arrival. #caffeine. It felt so so good to finally be here. I have not regretted it for a single minute.

Jasper fell asleep in the jumperoo partway through our first morning of unpacking. Poor guy was so short on sleep that first week!


I got to spend Mother’s Day this year with my own beautiful mama, who also relocated to the sunny Shuswap shortly after we did. What a blessing to have her so close! Even with Clinton being away for work, it was still a memorable day with my boys in the sunshine. Also, Clinton surprised me by ordering a pair of clogs that I have had in my Amazon ‘Saved for later’ section for months!! His message (and general motto): ‘What baby wants, baby gets.’ He’s a keeper for surrrrrre. 

Clogs – they’re making a comeback, friends! Also – 14 weeks bump shot!

It still feels like a dream. It is better than I had ever dared to hope – and for that I am eternally GRATEFUL! To everyone I have met and all the moms I have been able to link arms with – I love you. Ya’ll are truly an answer to many years of prayer. The past year has been challenging, exciting, surprising, and amazing. I can’t wait to see what the next year has to offer! 

Mother’s Day 2017 with my boyzzzzz

If you want to read more about last year, check out this post – 2016 was a busy one!


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