Trimester One

Hello friends! It’s been awhile since I have written anything and I have soooo been meaning to do a pregnancy update, but just haven’t found the time for some reason…

Reasons 1 through 4.

People ask me all the time how I’m feeling and my answer is always pretty pat: I’m feeling good! As good as can be expected when you’re pregnant and already have 4 kids lol. But! I am blessed with very VERY easy and uncomplicated pregnancies, which should be obvious since I’m going for round 5 here. I’ve yet to meet a mom with nightmare pregnancy experiences who has more than a couple kids – 3 tops. Hats off to you, ladies. I’m riding the easy train and I’m still exhausted, uncomfortable and unstable hormonal. I’m currently 18 weeks along and have no major complaints thus far, other than a generalized fatigue that I think has just never gone away since the day I had Desmond… 

We just finished up our big birthday month (3 birthdays in May, plus Mother’s Day) and I can now breathe easy with no celebration responsibilities until Clinton’s birthday in July! Although, he is really keen on doing a ‘gender reveal’ party after my ultrasound at the end of June, so we shall see. 

Here’s a general breakdown of my first trimester and how things have been rolling along so far!


Crazy. I have been up, down and alllll around. Hormones be bumpin’, ya’ll! I think my increased level of exhaustion has combined with some extra preggo hormones to create a perfect storm of emotion. Mornings are the worst time, especially with Rowan waking earlier because of the 5am sunrises. I usually try to choke down a coffee and tough it out, but some days I just lie in bed and hope no one notices me (this never works). In general I have just been feeling very scattered and easily provoked. I have recently gotten back SOME of my energy and have started doing daily HIIT workouts, which has been helping a lot. The days where I make a workout happen are ALWAYS the days that I feel better emotionally. 


Ravenous. Or nauseous. No in between. I don’t get morning sickness, but my first trimester is usually underscored by a constant, low level nausea/heartburn. When I DO get hungry, I tend to eat like a starving hyena. I have been craving hot hot HOT sauce and try to put it on everything. I even dipped my perogies in some Louisiana hot sauce the other night. Strangely enough, this doesn’t give me heartburn. I have also been craving salmon, so I have been adding that to my salads and it is delicious! 


Pretty restless. Especially with Clinton being gone for two weeks at a time! I have been going to bed too late, which is my fault obviously. I just feel like I need to unwind after the kids go down and without Clinton here to tell me to go to bed, I often stay up wayyyyy too long. Once I do get to sleep, I tend to wake a few times a night for no apparent reason. This has contributed to the aforementioned morning mood swings I’m sure lol. 


Aka: my changing body. Hahaha does that phrase make your skin crawl or what?? No? Just one of my weird pet peeves then. Anyhooooo, I have finally switched into full on maternity mode, instead of being in that limbo where my regular clothes are too small and my maternity clothes are too big (I call this the ‘leggings phase’). As per usual, I have purchased a bunch of new/thrifted maternity clothes this time around. I get really bored of the same old pair of jeans/tshirt/shorts etc. I was lucky enough to score some good deals at Value Village and on (this jumpsuit is AMAZING). I recently did a major wardrobe purge and weeded out all of the clothes I loved but alas will not fit me for another year or so. Ce la vie. I have about 500 maternity shirts/pants/dresses, so it’s not like I’m hurting for something to wear, but like I said I do get bored with a ‘limited’ (loooool) wardrobe and like to buy a few new things with each new pregnancy. I have so far avoided the dreaded maternity swimsuit though. That is  $75-100 I just DO NOT want to spend. I bought a super cute two piece set from Old Navy for $35  and am hoping the high waisted bottoms will be able to contain my burgeoning belly until the end of Summer. 

I also got Jasper a matching onesie. SO FLIPPING CUTE!

I also purchased these jeans from Old Navy, even though they aren’t maternity. I love the big distressed knee holes and just bought a size up to compensate. They should also fit me post partum while I whip myself back into shape – so it’s a win win! Here’s hoping anyways because I love love love them. I’m even tempted to buy them in my normal size for further down the road! However, I have a realllly bad habit of buying jeans/pants while pregnant that I know won’t fit me for months, so I’m trying to stay strong and just say NO. 


My big 20 week ultrasound is scheduled for June 23! The weeks have literally been flying by, and for the first time I find myself forgetting how far along I am/that I am actually pregnant at all. I’m gonna chalk it up to the end of the school year and chasing around four kids. However, I feel guilty that this poor baby is getting so neglected already! 

Anyway, as I mentioned previously, Clinton is VERY keen on doing a gender reveal party. We have never done one before, but I think it would be fun to have friends and family there as we find out if we are finally getting a baby girl, or rounding out our brood with another boy. My ultrasound is on a Friday and I will have to wait until the following Monday for the results, which means I would either do the party on the Monday or wait until the following weekend – which happens to be the long weekend… what do you think?? Would you come if I did it on a Monday?? The idea of waiting a whole week longer seems like torture, but I also know that weekends are better for planning these kinds of things. Let me know in the comments/on Facebook. I really need to pull the trigger and get planning already lol. 

That’s all for now! I’m very grateful that things are going well and am trying not to think about that ultrasound too much, but I am very excited!


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