Gender Reveal

Happy Monday, friends! We finalllyyyyy had our gender reveal party this weekend, after having to put it off for almost 4 WEEKS due to Clint’s changing work schedule. It was so fun and exciting and everything I wanted it to be – and more!

I had my ultrasound on June 26 and the tech wrote the gender down and sealed it in an envelope, which I immediately stuck in my suitcase. We were on Vancouver Island staying with Clinton while he was working and had no idea when we would be able to return home and reschedule the party. I honestly didn’t think about opening it prematurely. After having four boys in a row, I knew I needed to have some moral support if and when I found out we were expecting our FIFTH boy. It sounds terrible, I know, and I feel a bit guilty even writing it. But! I have always always always wanted a daughter and every time we have had another BOY I have let go of a little piece of that dream. We are very blessed, obviously, to have four healthy children and no troubles in the baby making department, so it seems unbelievably selfish to want more than that. But still, that small hope of one day having a little girl persisted. And not just for me, apparently. Desmond has been very adamant that he wants a sister and has prayed diligently for years (since my pregnancy with Rowan!) for God to send him one. So so precious. Anyway, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do for the party and Clinton was all about waiting until we got home and could do it up good. The whole thing was his idea anyway, dating back to when I was pregnant with Jasper and the tech wasn’t actually able to tell the gender at my 20 week scan (SOB!) So really, this party is like 2 years in the making! Anyways, I had lots of decorations and an outfit picked out and wasn’t going to let it go to waste AGAIN – so I practised some serious self control and kept my peepers away from that paper. 

The day I got the envelope – moments before placing it safely in my suitcase. I had no idea it would sit there for 3.5 weeks!

Clint gave me the go ahead to reschedule the party for July 22 and thankfully my friend Lexi offered to take the envelope and do the balloons for us, because I had no idea who to ask. I handed the envelope over to her last Thursday and then I really went crazy knowing somebody else had seen the contents before I did! I tried to keep myself busy planning and organizing, but it was really hard. Suddenly I just NEEDED TO KNOW! My mind raced thinking about what my reaction would be to pink balloons, but I would quickly try to push that thought out before I got my hopes up. After all, my track record is very BLUE!

The day of the party arrived and flew by as I tidied up, decorated and made myself presentable. I went way over the top, naturally, with a white dress I bought specifically for this occasion, along with a flower crown. I had a very clear vision for how I wanted to look when I saw the balloons come out of that box. It was frivolous and unnecessary, but I loved how it all turned out and the boys could NOT stop telling me how beautiful I was with my flowers – especially Rowan! Clinton was such a good sport and let me do whatever I wanted – from decorating to picking out his outfit for him. He even went out the morning of to pick up the last few things I had forgotten. Love you, babe!

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story, because I can’t quite put it into words anyway. So without further ado: the main event!

Pink cups – wishful thinking!

Guests waiting impatiently…

Snacks and drinks.

Too many cute kids to count!

Clinton was very anxious to get the whole thing underway and asked me several times if everyone had arrived/when we could just open the box already. I kept putting it off, the suspense was getting to be too much for me. Finally he went ahead and started the livestream (for our out of city guests) and got things rolling despite my hesitancy!

We had everyone do a countdown from 10 and everything went into slow motion for me. Honestly once those balloons popped out I felt like I was having an out of body experience. Pure shock and awe!

The before shot – with my beautiful boys! Minus Jasper who was in his highchair.

Trying his hardest to break the tape seal on the box. Talk about keeping us in suspense!


Desmond jumping in celebration!

Making eye contact and trying to absorb the information.



Opening the envelope for the first time and reading what the tech wrote. He had checked off the box that said female and drawn a happy face next to it, then he scribbled out the male section entirely. Pretty confident I’d say!

More tears.

So so happy, but still in shock!

Everyone screamed and swarmed us with hugs and congratulations. It was without a doubt one of the most magical moments of my life. I will never forget how I felt the moment those pink balloons floated out of that box. I still can’t quite believe that we are having a girl. That I get to have a daughter! We are so grateful to everyone who came to show their support – and to those who joined via livestream to watch it all go down! (The video has over 1,000 views already, which is so crazy!) 

Lexi brought out the pink cupcakes she had decorated and everybody dug in. My friend Alisha aalso brought HOMEMADE cream puffs, which were absolutely delicious! 


Taste test.

Corban hiding under the table from ‘the girls’ lol!

Just so stoked about the PINK!

I am still trying to let it sink in that this is really happening. It feels like a dream. We are so excited for this new adventure in raising a little girl!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us words of encouragement and congratulations. I have read every single one with tears in my eyes. Here’s to the next 3 months hurrying the heck up so we can meet our little girl!


6 thoughts on “Gender Reveal

  1. Anonymous says:

    I forget how I came upon your blog but it was just before the anticipation of the reveal and I had to know! As a mom of 3 boys and then a girl I almost know exactly how you felt. With each new boy it gets harder and harder and the guilt of still wanting some pink is incredible and nothing you can control.
    It is an unbelievable feeling and it’s so great to just not have that nagging feeling that I had for years thinking I’d never have a girl. Now that she’s been here for 2.5 years I can see why it’s not such a big deal to have an opposite but man when you don’t have it and you’re deep in those emotions…it’s hard!!
    So many congratulations to you for having a girl and getting rid of that little sadness that would always linger. I still stare at my daughter and can’t believe my luck♥️

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