Our Story

December 13, 2007 6:52pm

Hey Sarah, it’s me Clinton Horsman. Your mom has recently tracked me down on here and I am now saying hi to you. Hi. Do you remember me at all? I remember you. I was friends with your brother Jamie, I went to the same church as you, I had 5 brothers. Anyways, If you remember me, …..I guess you could say hi back.  


P.S. Bye.


I had just spent the weekend visiting my old pastor and his family in Salmon Arm, bemoaning the single life and unashamedly begging him to find me a nice guy from his church for me to marry. I arrived home to find the above Facebook message in my inbox. My mom had shown me a picture a week before and asked ‘Do you know who this is??’ To which I replied ‘Isn’t that one of the Horsman boys? Clayton or something…?’ We had known each other when I used to live in Salmon Arm as a preteen. He was friends with my older brother and our families attended the same church. 

2007 Clinton

My mom had been chatting with his mom via Facebook and they were discussing their kids and where they were at, who they were with, etc. His mom mentioned that Clint was in bible college, single and a ‘bit goofy’. My mom immediately pounced on this and messaged him to say hi and casually suggested that he get in touch with my brother and I. Clinton thought his was odd, since he had never been friends with me, but he went on over to my Facebook page anyway to take a looksie and well…

2007 Sarah (and her sister, Cherish)

…how could he resist?? Jokes jokes jokes. But for real, he did look through my albums and saw fit to message me, out of the blue, on December 13, 2007. 

I remembered him immediately, the previous week’s photo glimpse notwithstanding. It’s hard to forget a family with 6 boys! I messaged him back to tell him as much, and we chatted about our families, school, work, all the basics. Three days in he mentioned that he was planning a roadtrip to Salmon Arm shortly after Christmas. He then lets slip that my mom told him he should stop and visit/stay with us on his way through (the conniving continues lol…) I thought this would be a good opportunity to see an old friend, obvious meddling aside. I didn’t find out for a few years after we were MARRIED that there was no roadtrip, and he was just trying to find an excuse to get together. Tricky tricky. Of course self involved Sarah didn’t ever question why he never actually left to continue on his roadtrip, but never mind that. 

We messaged every day, sometimes more than once. He arranged to come out on Boxing Day and stay for a couple days, with us for part of the time and then with some friends. Even though we had only been chatting for a couple weeks, I still had butterflies when he arrived. He was very funny, definitely goofy, had a good job AND his own car. Even though we hadn’t discussed the possibility of dating, I was still checking off some mental points on my boyfriend checklist. He stayed until New Years Day, then headed home to get back to work. 


January 1, 2008 8:30pm

ok, i gtg, but tell me…should I come sooner than later? I found out that I wont be working till monday at the soonest! Your thoughts??


January 1, 2008 10:03pm




We still hadn’t talked about being involved romantically, but it was getting increasingly obvious that we were more than ‘just friends’. I mean, he was gone for less than 24 hours and was already asking if it was too soon to come back and visit. He ended up hopping on a ferry the next day and on January 5, 2008 finally blurted out that he liked me. I was so relieved that he had said it first, because I had been gearing up to broach the subject myself! We officially began ‘dating’ and he returned to the Island on January 6. Thus we commenced long distance dating, which is THE WORST. We took turns visiting each other on weekends and talked on the phone every night. By early February (or even later January, to be honest) we were discussing marriage and shopping for engagement rings. When you know, you know – right??

Clinton bought the ring in February and we were engaged by the end of March.


We started planning a September 5 wedding, but quickly realized that the long distance thing was too much and decided to move the date up to July 27. We also decided to do a much smaller family wedding, which was a super hard decision to make, but ended up being much cheaper and easier to plan. I think our whirlwind courtship surprised a lot of people, and there were quite a few ‘Are you sure about this?’ comments floating around – and I get it. Our ‘courtship’ lasted just over 8 months, from December 2007 to July 2008, and that’s not a lot of time! But as I said, when you know you KNOW! 

Now here we are 9 YEARS LATER. With 4 kids and one more on the way. It’s been so crazy and so great. So glad we made like fools and rushed in all those years ago. Love you forever, babe! Here’s to 90 more!


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