Trimester Two

Oh snap! I am 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy! Time really does fly, folks. Here’s how things have been going for the last 13ish weeks.

The second trimester started off with a bang as we celebrated Desmond graduating from Kindergarten and then packed up for an extremely impromptu trip to Vancouver Island. I had to reschedule my 20 week ultrasound and was thankfully able to have it done on the Island without too much delay. I also had to reschedule our gender reveal party and we ended up waiting almost 4 weeks to find out that we are having a BABY GIRL! The party was incredible. So much fun and definitely worth the wait!! As of now, at 28 weeks, I am finally getting to a place where I don’t cry just thinking about it. I have been happily frequenting thrift shops for tiny girl clothes of which I had exactly NONE. I won’t even tell you how much I have accumulated in the last 3 weeks…but needless to say, I’ve been having a lot of fun! The second trimester ended with a bang as well, with Clinton and I taking the older three boys on a last minute trip to Vancouver to visit family. It was so fun and the boys LOVED staying at a hotel for the first time. When we woke up the next morning, Rowan crawled into bed with us and asked “Is this our new house?” So precious. 


20 weeks and at the beach with all 4 kids (Corban is hiding behind Rowan)

It’s a girl!

Hour 1 of our 48 hour trip!

Three in a bed – so cute!

Corban literally never falls asleep in the car, so this was a pretty big deal. All tuckered out on day 2!


Tiny baby girl clothes (and blankets/hats/shoes/etc). So happy.


I generally start to feel VERY PREGNANT at around 25 weeks and this pregnancy has been noooooo exception. Suddenly it’s like ‘Hello bulging stomach – goodbye feet!’ and any second trimester energy boost I may have had suddenly goes out the window. I have been trying to listen to my body and not overdo it, but with 4 kids that is sometimes impossible! Things have been moving at a slower pace since we returned from our 3 week trip to the Island, so I have managed to get some R&R in most afternoons. Clinton has also been off work for almost 4 weeks now, which has helped slow things down even more. Also, he has been helping out a ton around the house. Love you, babe!


It’s back, baby! I have definitely been eating for two over the last couple months. Strangely enough I have been craving sweets and chocolate, while throughout my previous pregnancies I craved salty snacks and hot sauce like mad. Maybe it’s because I am having a girl this time…? Either way I can’t get enough ice cream, cake or chocolate sauce. Gimme!!


Again, around 25 weeks I find everything to be uncomfortable – and sleep is no different! It has been slightly easier to get to bed at a decent time now that Clint is home to keep me accountable, but he has also been off work so some days we are up way too late anyway. Once I do find a position to sleep in that isn’t killing my back and/or giving me stomach cramps, I have been having the craziest dreams. I wake up most mornings feeling like I haven’t slept at all! Still, I soak up every restful moment that I can because I know they will be limited once baby finally arrives.


It has been high 20s or mid 30s allllll Summer long, so most days I just wear my bathing suit and a beach cover up all day long. We live one minute from the beach, so some days we even go more than once to cool off. When I am forced to put regular clothes on, I have been reaching for these and these more often than not. I have also been utilizing many of my maxi dresses and skirts. Lately I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my belly button from all the pressure caused by my rapidly expanding uterus, so I invested in this support tank to help ‘hold it all in’. I have been loving it so far and would like to buy these leggings by the same company once Fall hits. I have a small umbilical hernia (aka belly button hernia) that has been exacerbated with each pregnancy, so any bit of support helps!

Summer uniform – bathing suit and babies.

Coming up:

School starts in less than 3 weeks, so I’m busy getting organized – mostly by bookmarking lunch ideas and recipes to prepare for 5 days of lunches every week… oy! After presenting my case to Clinton, he is officially on board with Rowan starting preschool and I am SO pumped.  We have never had our kids in preschool before, but with baby coming I am looking for ways to give myself a break. He will attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which works out perfectly with Corban’s Kindergarten schedule! Having all three in school for part of the week will be so great, especially once baby arrives.

 I have also been collecting items for the nursery, which will get a girly revamp once Jasper moves into Rowan’s room later this Fall. This has been SO MUCH FUN. I also have an IKEA list going, so I’m hoping I can make a trip to Vancouver happen again before baby arrives. Hey, a girl can dream!

Overall I am just wishing that time would hurry up so we can get into the swing of things again, but I know I will be missing Summer once it is actually over. Here’s to the third trimester being kind to me and my hips not giving out like they usually do… 

Happy Thursday, friends! 


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