A Day in the Life – 05/09/2017

6am –  Alarm clock goes off. 

6:08am – Roll (literally) self out of bed. Turn on coffee maker. Get in shower. 

6:20am – Make coffee. Realize cream has gone bad. Dump out, rinse, remake coffee, substitute milk for cream (sinful). 

6:23am – Attempt getting dressed. Realize fave pair of leggings are suffocating me too tight, immediately search online for the next size up. Order two pairs. #sopregnant

6:30am – Devotions. 

7:05am – Emerge from bedroom. Find older two boys dressed and ready for action in the kitchen, already attempting to prepare their own breakfast. Shuffle them out and make proper breakfast. 

7:15am – Wake Rowan up, get him dressed. 

7:20am – Feed children. Feed self. 

7:21am – Realize that Rowan’s shorts are filthy. Also, he has smeared cream cheese all over himself already. Make mental note to redress him once breakfast is over. 

7:30am – Wake Jasper up, get him dressed. 

7:35am – Feed Jasper. Unload/load dishwasher while he is contained in his highchair and is unable to rifle through the cutlery/close the dishwasher every time I turn around. 

7:45am – Wipe Rowan down, change his clothes. 

7:50am – Do hair, brush teeth. Tell kids to get shoes on. 

7:55am – Take obligatory 1st day of school photo of Desmond. 

8:00am – Get older three boys buckled into truck. 

8:03am – Make another coffee in a to-go cup. Remember that I have no cream. Use milk once again – make mental note to buy cream ASAP. Wipe down Jasper. 

8:08am – Get Jasper buckled in. Leave for the school run. 

8:32am – Arrive at school. Accompany Desmond down to his classroom. Commiserate. He seems happy and eager for me to leave. Leave. 

8:53am – Head to Dollarama to get ink pad for Corban’s school supplies. They have no ink pads, but I still manage to spend $16 on an assortment of items – including a Star Wars cup (which was only $4 vs on Amazon for $15! The older two have the matching R2D2 and C3PO ones, so Rowan was puuuuumped when I gave him this one), lunch kit freezer packs and a tiny pink journal. #justthenecessities 

9:29am – Head to local farmers market. Buy assortment of fruit and veg and also CREAM. Peruse barnyard and chat with sister in law while the kids chase the animals. 

9:48am – Corban needs to go potty. Urgently. Find bathroom. Try to keep Jasper out of the ash tray/bucket just outside the bathroom door. 

10:05am – Load up children into vehicle and head to the bank. 

10:10am – Banking with 3 kids. 

10:45am – Complete banking mission. Load up children into vehicle and head back to the school for pick up. 

11:07am – Unload children and visit the playground while school finishes up. 

11:30am – Collect Desmond from his class. 

11:45am – Head home. 

12:17pm – Stop at grocery store.

12:25pm – Head home again. 

12:30pm – Unload children from vehicle. Bring groceries in. 

12:40pm – Make lunch. Take frozen bananas out of freezer to thaw. 

1:00pm – Feed children. Tidy kitchen. 

1:07pm – My brother Nick and my Dad stop by to borrow our canoe. Chat. 

1:30pm – Wipe down Jasper, get him down for his nap. 

1:40pm – Locate Rowan, get him settled for quiet time. 

1:45pm – Locate older boys, get them settled for quiet time. 

1:50pm – Make own lunch. Eat. Have my own quiet time. 

2:30pm – Make decaf coffee. Enjoy. 

2:45pm – Corban asks if they can watch a show. Tell him yes, as soon as they clean the family room. 

3:09pm – Check on family room progress, approve, put on show for older two boys. 

3:34pm – Clinton calls. Chat. 

4:07pm – Rowan is calling down that he is done his quiet time. Collect him and send him to join the older two boys. 

4:09pm – Jasper is up and chatting to himself. Free him from his room. He makes his way down to join his brothers. 

4:15pm – Catch myself falling asleep on the couch. Make another coffee. 

4:23pm – Usher children outside. Drink coffee on deck whilst supervising Jasper, who is overjoyed to be in the great outdoors. 

4:30-5:00pm – Break up 6,431 fights between various warring brothers. Retreat to the inside of the house with Jasper. 

5:14pm – Locate recipe and mix batter for banana muffins. Preheat oven. 

5:19pm – Children are complaining of starvation hunger. Decide to cook dinner before baking muffins. 

6:10pm – Feed children. Put first batch of muffins in. 

6:35pm – Call friend to find out if they can check the brakes on the Expedition, which started making a grinding noise on the weekend. Arrange to bring it over to be looked at in half an hour. 

6:45pm – Put second batch of muffins in. 

6:51pm – Clinton calls. Brief chat. 

6:55pm – Wipe children. Tidy up after dinner. 

7:05pm – Wrangle children. Load them into vehicle. Realize I’m sweating like a pregnant beast, quickly get changed. 

7:12pm – Drive to get brakes checked. Consensus: back brakes need to be replaced. Arrange to have them done Wednesday. Feel extreme relief. Load children into vehicle.

7:55pm – Stop at grocery store for sour cream, salsa and cheese. 

8:12pm – Get home. Unload children from vehicle. Get Jasper into bed. Get Rowan into bed. 

8:20pm – Get older two boys’ outfits organized for school the next day. Remember that it’s Corban’s first day of kindergarten (!!!) and change outfit choice. Scramble to find his school supplies, indoor shoes, and get his backpack organized. 

8:30pm – Make Desmond’s lunch. Tidy kitchen. 

8:50pm – Put older two boys to bed, set their alarm clock (I got this one before Desmond started Kindergarten and they are obsessed). 

9:00pm – Prepare nachos for myself. 

9:10pm – Nachooooooos. And quiet time. 

10:51pm – Tidy kitchen. Close windows in boys’ rooms. Double check that my own alarm is set. Go to bed. 

And that’s a wrap on the first day of school (for Desmond anyway…lol). Wish me luck as I do a repeat of this for Corban’s first day on Wednesday and Rowan’s on Thursday! I hope you’re all enjoying the first week back!


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