A Day in the Life: 5 Kids Edition

I’m back! After a cheeky little hiatus (just busy having a baby, no biggie) I am kicking off the 2018 blog posts with one of my staples – a day in the life! Enjoy!

Thursday February 22, 2018

6:00am – Alarm goes off, hit snooze.

6:10am – Snooze.

6:20am – Snooze.

6:30am – Fiiiiine. Get up. Shower. Get dressed. Short panic while searching for the cardigan for my outfit. Attempt hair do – give up and throw on a toque. Winter chiiiiiic.

7:04am – Head upstairs to check on the boys. They are all up and far too energetic (the alarm in the ‘older boys’ room is set for 7:00am). Diffuse two wardrobe meltdowns over incorrect pant/shirt selections. Get Rowan’s approval on outfit choice.

7:10am – Wake up Eve, change diaper, select outfit, help Rowan get his shirt on, hear Jasper waking up and ask Rowan to let him out of his room. Get Eve dressed.

7:16am – Change Jasper’s diaper, get him dressed.

7:21am – Head downstairs, ask Corban to set the table. Get out cereal and milk. Find more spoons (where do they all go??) and attempt to get a straight answer out of Rowan as to which cereal he would like. Give up, move on to the rest of the children. Rowan finally settles on Cheerios, pour him a bowl.

7:26am – Put laundry from dryer into basket/from washer into dryer/from hamper into washer.

7:29am – Make COFFEE.

7:30am – Feed Eve. Rowan starts protesting the Cheerios. Quick lecture – through gritted teeth – on eating what you are given. Remind myself to stop asking him what he wants – ever. He finally deigns to dig in. Crisis averted.

7:45am – Start up the SUV.

7:47am – Get out lunch kits, distribute to the appropriate backpacks, instruct children to put boots and jackets on.

7:50am – Remember that I need to restock my diaper bag with diapers – both sizes. Remind children again to put boots and jackets on. Head upstairs to fetch diapers. Forget why I’m up there and head back downstairs.

7:53am – Boots! Jackets! NOW! Usher children outside to start the buckling assembly line.

7:59am – Get Eve into her car seat. Remember again that I need diapers for the diaper bag. Get some. Remember that I haven’t eaten breakfast. Quickly make a croissant/cheese/ham sandwich – no condiments because NO TIME.

8:01am – Click Eve’s car seat into its base and realize the gas tank is 15km to empty. Also realize it is -16. Head to gas station. Fill up.

8:10am – Drive the boys to school.

8:33am – Drop Rowan off at preschool. He has a conniption at the last possible second and has to be dragged bodily into the classroom. As usual, this only lasts 30 seconds. Just long enough that I feel majorly guiltyyyyy, but not guilty enough that I don’t bolt out of there like a racehorse.

8:38am – Drop the older two off at school.

8:45am – Coffee and chats with my sister in law at her place. Eve throws up/drools on her adorable outfit and has to be changed into the back up sleeper I keep in the diaper bag. Note to self: replace back up sleeper in diaper bag.

10:55am – Load up Jasper and Eve and head to preschool to pick up Rowan. He is happy as a clam.

11:11am – Drive back to Sicamous. Go through mental list of groceries to decide on what to make for lunch. Settle on pesto pasta because it’s soooo easy. And also the boys love it.

11:46am – Unload children.

11:55am – Boil noodles, peel multiple oranges for hungry, whining children, make myself another ham/cheese/croissant sandwich (again, no condiments because NO TIME).

12:10pm – Eve starts crying (she’s hungry). Quickly serve the boys their lunch and sit down to feed Eve.

12:20pm – Serve the boys a second helping while attempting to also feed the baby.

12:30pm – Wipe up the boys (so much pesto….) and take Eve upstairs to change her diaper.

12:40pm – Put laundry from dryer into basket/from washer into dryer/from hamper into washer. Play with the boys in the family room. Eve starts crying (she’s tired – and also hungry). Quickly read the boys a book and take Jasper upstairs for nap time.

1:05pm – Change Jasper’s diaper, read him another book, fill up his water bottle, night night.

1:10pm – Eve is still crying. Get Rowan to use the potty and put him in his room for quiet time. Snuggle the baby and feed her.

1:15pm – Swaddle Eve, feed her some more and put her down for her nap.

1:30pm – Discover box of forgotten Valentines chocolate (FERREROS!) and chow down whilst watching YouTube.

2:17pm – Remember that tonight is the last hockey practice and that parents are going to play against the kids. Text Clinton and ask if he can grab dinner on the way home because the evening just got a loooot more hectic.

3:04pm – Rowan emerges from his room. I quickly whisk him into my room so he doesn’t wake up his younger sibs.

3:06pm – Rowan is bored.

3:08pm – Transfer Rowan to the family room to finish up quiet time. Put clothes from dryer into basket/from washer into dryer/from hamper into washer.

3:58pm – Older boys arrive home from school. Check agendas, ask about their day, separate for quiet time.

4:07pm – Preheat oven. Fetch pizza (it’s not delivery – it’s Giuseppe) from the freezer. Unwrap, put in oven, set timer.

4:10pm – Go in basement to locate my hockey equipment. Cram it into Desmond’s hockey bag.

4:30pm – Timer rings, get pizza out, let cool, slice. Get out some carrot sticks and serve plates for the older three boys.

4:35pm – Eat. Except no one is hungry because it’s waaaay too early for dinner. Quickly wolf down a piece of pizza before I forget.

4:40pm – Start up SUV so it has time to thaw. Load up hockey bags.

4:45pm – Wake up Eve, change her diaper, feed her, put her in her car seat. Tell older three boys (who have had a combined 5 bites out of their pizza) to get their boots and jackets on.

4:50pm – Get changed into ‘hockey clothes’ (tights and a sweatshirt).


4:58pm – Buckle Rowan in. Make sure older two are on their way to the SUV.

5:00pm – Wake Jasper up, get his boots/jacket on, buckle him in. Get Eve clicked in. Remember that I need my hockey stick, run to basement to grab it.

5:03pm – Head to the rink.

5:07pm – Arrive, get children unloaded, my parents take charge of the younger three, unload hockey gear and head in to the rink.

5:10pm – Get Corban’s gear on. Papa gets Desmond’s gear on. I get my own gear on.

5:35pm – Hit the ice! So much fun racing the boys around and playing hockey with them.

6:30pm – Get off the ice, dismantle the boys gear, dismantle my own gear, go find Nana and the younger three in the stands.

6:45pm – Head home. Notice missed call from Clinton, call back and fill him in on hockey practice. Find out that he isn’t working tomorrow and celebraaaaate.

6:50pm – Arrive home, unload alllll the kids, get their boots and jackets off, try to feed Jasper (who will not stop crying) and finally give up because Eve is also crying (hungry – also probably tired). Instruct older two boys to get their PJs on.

7:00pm – Feed Eve. Fetch boys their ‘hockey treats’ and serve. (There was only one fudgsicle left so Desmond settled for one of the Ferreros that managed to survive my earlier chow down).

7:15pm – Tidy kitchen, remember that Clinton isn’t working tomorrow so I don’t need to figure out what to send him for lunch – celebraaaaate again.

7:30pm – Check Clinton’s location – he’s only 5 minutes away, hallelujah. Eve is fussing again, feed her. Corban comes over to see her and requests a photo shoot. Love it.

7:35pm – Clinton is hooooome. Take Eve upstairs to change her diaper and get her in her PJs. Find Rowan and get him in his PJs, too.

7:45pm – Start bedtime process. Make sure everyone has gone potty. Remind older three to brush their teeth. Set out outfits for the morning. Get Jasper’s diaper changed and put his PJs on. Put him to bed.

8:05pm – Switch off with Clinton and feed Eve as he puts older boys to bed.

8:30pm – Put Eve to bed.

8:35pm – Remember that I only ate one piece of pizza for dinner. Realize that I am way too tired to make anything else. Turn off all the lights on the main floor. Crawl into bed.

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for reading!

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