I’m a Mom. I have four boys, ages 5, 4, 2.5 and 1. Yes, I am crazy.

A recent photo of me, posing with Clinton’s recent attempt to trick me into having more kids…

I’m 30 years old and get to stay at home with the aforementioned circus all day err’day. When they’re not slowly driving me insane, I like to sew, knit, write, and swim. We recently moved to the interior of BC for my husband’s work, which brought us closer to family and is basically the best ever. We are renting a huge old house that, to be fair, needs some serious work, but it’s big enough for our brood and some occasional house guests so I’m a BIG fan. The lake is only a few steps from our front door, so really what could be better??

The line up:



5 year old hockey legend.

My oldest and wisest. Very thoughtful, very bright, very intuitive. Always knows when I need a hug. The hugest eyes and the biggest smile. He’s in Kindergarten and I’m so glad we decided to send him to the local Christian school instead of homeschooling him (which was our original plan, but now I’m like ‘How did I think that was a good idea??’) because he is SOARING and loving every minute of it. He loves his K teacher and on the weekends he counts down the days until he can be reunited with her once again.



4 year old Sea Otter.

Only 16 months younger than Desmond, and his BFF. He is my boy all the way. Big blue eyes, all the expressions, lots of attitude. Oy. He is quieter than his older bro and can play on his own for hours. Not a fan of sleeping, but a huge fan of eating. His catch phrase currently is ‘I’m getting snacky’. I will need my own farm to feed this boy once he is grown. Seriously. He is very blunt and very sweet and thinks almost everything in life is hilarious, even when he’s in trouble. He starts Kindergarten in the Fall and can’t wait to be at school ‘just like Desi,’



2.5 and fearless.

Nickname: The Angel. Just the sweetest disposition, until something upsets him and he slips into full on terror mode. He’s been in potty training limbo for months and it’s slowly killing me. I may have to pay off my husband to take that bullet because at this point there isn’t enough wine in the world to get me through another pair of pooped-in undies. Lord help me. Anyway, besides the toilet woes he is a very happy boy and loves Paw Patrol, Star Wars (fully indoctrinated) and chocolate (I blame Clint). He is very determined and plays with the older boys constantly, even when they are obviously trying to keep him out of their business. He’ll have none of that. He is patiently waiting for his baby brother to ‘come of age’ so they can become the next set of BFFs, which brings me to…


1 year of perfection.

The baby. So sweet and can do no wrong. Current favourite of everyone in the house at all times. All his older brothers are obsessed with him, but none so fiercely as Rowan, as mentioned in the last paragraph. He recently weaned himself, to my eventual depression, and eats like a fiend at every meal (again, will need a farm). He turns one in less than 2 weeks and I can’t handle it. Baby fever is real ya’ll, and he will spread it to you. Just one sniff of his baby powder head will send your ovaries into a tailspin. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

And of course, the man behind it all, my husband Clinton.


He’s the one on the left.

He’s a logger and grown ass man (self proclaimed). He works very hard and loves his family very well. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who loves kids as much as this guy. Just when I feel like the boys are driving me off the edge of insanity, he will look up from whatever he is doing and say, with a smile, ‘How could you not want more??’ His hobbies include: woodworking, electronic programming (don’t ask me) and loving his wife. He is seriously the best and who knows where I would be without him. Definitely the love of my life and I am so glad we found each other.